The secret of modern life -- NCT rock wool you do not know


NCT is the world's largest producer of rock wool insulation products, we are committed to explore the application of rock wool products for more than 80 years. For more than 80 years, we have been exploring the mysteries of rocks, transforming this common natural resource into valuable materials. These materials are hidden around our modern lives, and although they are often not familiar to us, they have been working hard for decades to improve people's lives.

NCT rock wool products are hidden in our lives: they are widely used in the wall, as fire-proof insulation materials and other fields of building external maintenance structures and internal partitions, to help us resist cold, reduce building energy consumption, improve building fire safety and improve building comfort.

NCT rock wool products are also playing an important role in the field of ecological agriculture. NCT Group provides soilless cultivation substrates for crops to reduce irrigation water consumption and increase crop yields, thereby reducing water consumption, fighting hunger and helping to eradicate poverty.

NCT Group rock wool fiber materials can be used in friction and sealing materials, water treatment, track systems, coatings and guardrail applications. The use of rock wool fiber material in the brake pads of vehicles can improve the performance of the brake pads and improve the service life of the brake pads, so as to ensure safe driving.

Committed to providing advanced sound absorption ceiling and wall solutions, to create a beautiful and comfortable living space for you. Ceiling ceiling can effectively improve the acoustic comfort of the room, prevent noise from interfering with you, so that you can focus more on those important things.

Many possibilities of appearance, excellent fire resistance provide protection for building safety.

NCT rock wool products are hidden in every corner of our lives. NCT rock wool products play an important role in our daily life in different forms. Rock is the source of all business of NCT group. Rock, a rich natural resource, will play an important role in solving the problems facing human development. NCT will be with you: release the natural energy of rock and achieve the beauty of modern life.


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