Practice of environmental protection into Huizhou Fumin primary school


In April 16th, the environmental protection and public welfare activities launched by the company went to Fumin primary school in Huizhou. With the theme of "Caring for Home and Protecting the Earth", the event brought a lively and interesting public welfare class meeting for hundreds of children on the occasion of World Earth Day on April 22.

Starting with the current serious environmental problems, this activity will arouse children's thinking on environmental problems, and let them spontaneously raise their attention to environmental problems. By introducing a series of environmental protection methods, children are encouraged to start from the daily small things and practice environmental protection from childhood. Activities give children environmental books to help children develop good habits from childhood. This public welfare activity enables children to recognize the necessity of protecting the environment, learn the measures of saving energy and environmental protection, and establish the concept of sustainable development in a relaxed and lively interaction.

This lively and interesting "caring for home, protecting the earth" environmental public welfare lesson is welcomed by children, children in the classroom learning, but also actively thinking about what can save energy and reduce pollution in daily life. Several environmental protection guards were selected to share the idea of "low-carbon energy saving from me" with the students.

NCT rock wool products with renewable natural rocks as raw materials, with excellent fire-proof and thermal insulation performance, can effectively reduce building energy consumption, and can be recycled, environmentally friendly. The annual production of rock wool products saves energy in the life cycle, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions to 4.6 billion tons. Launched by Lockowi China, the campaign aims to spread the message of "caring for home and protecting the earth" to children, and at the same time calls on the wider public to foster the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development, so that more people can become part of environmental protection.

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